Karisoke and Dian Fossey’s grave site

The hike up to Karisoke, Dian Fossey’s camp and grave site took 2 hours. It was a hard scramble up to 10,000 feet over steep rocky trails and mud. Beautiful hike. the jungle was magnificent. The Virungu mountains are cool enough so that there are no spiders or snakes. many of the trees and plants have medicinal uses. Karisoke was destroyed during the genocide, however outlines and some footings of the old cabins remain. Dian’s grave is next to those of a number of her beloved gorillas. Although Dian and the gorillas died violently, there was a sense of peace in the graveyard – it was a very spiritual site.  After making our way down Carol and I met our guide after our hike and we headed back to Kigali. Ice packs came along for the ride 🙂

image image image image

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