We spent the morning touring Kigali and visited the genocide museum.  the museum and surrounding gardens were a fitting tribute to that terrible time in the countries history. Rwanda has made incredible progress since the mid nineties and is a country Carol and I would return to.  Electrification is proceeding, lots of building going on, families and genocide widows living in poverty are receiving assistance.

The country is extremely clean. Our guide told us that every Saturday, everyone in the country has to spend three hours of community service sweeping streets, cleaning yards etc. They have a pass book that needs to be stamped after they work – otherwise they are fined. A bit unorthodox but it sure seems to work.

Following our city tour we flew to Nairobi – we begin the East Africa portion of our trip tomorrow .

image  image  image image image image image

One thought on “Kigali

  1. Cheryl Bancroft January 7, 2013 / 6:17 am

    Anne, your visit to Dian’s gravesite made me still with grief. I can’t imagine how you felt to be there. And then onto the genocide museum! With your photos I’m curious about the flora … by the gravesite it looks like thistle growing nearby. Can you tell us the name of other native plants?

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