Colca Canyon and the flight of the Condors

After visiting the local market in the town square,


an early morning start on a glorious cold, windy, sunny day took us along narrow winding roads towards the canyon. Carol got up close and personal with a baby alpaca during one stop along the way as our cameras clicked away.



As we drove the colours became more spectacular. We could understand why the rainy season makes travel impractical as streams coming down the mountain run directly over the road rather than under them in a culvert. There are also no barriers between the edge of the road and a several 1000 ft drop in some cases – adrenaline production got boosted a couple of times 🙂


The condors are viewed from an area within the canyon looking down several thousand feet to the chasm below. The colours of the volcanics mixed with various minerals are incredible, with pockets of snow still remaining in north facing crevices. We were lucky and saw several condors soar on the thermals around us. The 9 foot wing span made them hard to miss – beautiful birds. A lovely morning.


Following the condors we bumped back to Chivay in our mini bus, had another excellent Peruvian lunch and headed back to Arequipa. Tomorrow we fly to Cusco.

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