Hanoi Day 2 continued……..

Met a diverse group last night. Some 20 somethings from Norway who interestingly enough come from a town within a few miles from where my mom was born and raised. Small world. People from Britain plus Carol and myself and 5 mystery guests who weren’t at the meeting. Our tour leader is a girl who is a close double to KD Lang. One of her questions was if we are Ok with mice and cockroaches as both apparently make the overnight rail trip from Hanoi to Hue with us – following our return from Halong Bay. Another tip was not to use the train toilet during stops as people will try and crawl in the toilet windows to ask you for money. An interesting visual……

one of the highlights yesterday was learning how to cross Hanoi streets. 8 million people live here and there are 7 million motor bikes in in the city. I have yet to see a traffic light though. To cross the road you just start walking slowly and the vehicles drive around you – took a leap of faith the first time – but it does work and we are still here. One guy drove right up behind me on a motor bike and blew his horn – didn’t see or hear him coming and almost ended up on his handle bars – jumped so high šŸ™‚ The sound is continuous in the streets, a cacophony of horns, engines, people. At night the bass beat from the myriad night clubs in the area adds to the general din.





Good morning from Vietnam šŸ™‚ just finished another excellent bowl of Pho to start the day. More later – probably in a day or so – do not believe there is internet in Halong Bay

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