Longyearbyen – Final Day

Longyearbyen – Final day

Another gorgeous day greeted us this morning. Following an excellent breakfast we spent the morning leisurely, doing some shopping, visiting the Svalbard history and natural history museum and having lunch in town.

Santas Mail box
Santas Mail box


Outside a Longyearbyen hotel
SS Minnow

Our bags have been transferred to the ship and we follow in a couple of hours. The Svalbard museum is small but a must see if you come here.

Old Miners Cabin

The history it gives of the coal mining and hunting in the area is  detailed, complete with many old photos and collections of century old polar gear and clothing.

Downtown Longyearbyen


Chillin’ and waiting for the boat

We are looking forward to a spectacular sunset as we leave the Fjord later this afternoon. I am hoping to get an internet account set up on the boat, so we can share our days. Wish me luck 🙂

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