Ngorongoro Crater

Africa is red. Red dirt, red dust, red mud. Everything I own is red…. A huge bag of clothes  going to the laundry today before our early am game drive. The crater seems limited after the vastness of the Serengeti but has a good sized animal population. Very few migrate as feed and water supplies are good in the crater. The big cats are so tame that thee lions will walk under the safari trucks – a lioness set up camp right behind our right front tire. Morning game drive – awesome!

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Spent the afternoon in our lovely farm accommodation. The farm is a working coffee farm that has 51 guest cabins, and is self sufficient in vegetables and fruit. The garden was amazing – as was the setting just outside the crater. Dinner was served outside on the terrace, next to the pool as the moon rose, fires were burning around the tables for warmth and we had a wonderful buffet. I could easily become a vegetarian here – the curries are incredible. The farm was apparently started by a German expat who married a local Maasai chief. Another story of Africa. Three of us had a Maasai massage during our stay. Our masseuse was excellent at finding all the knotted muscles. As an aside – have I mentioned the condition of the roads in East Africa ?????

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