It is now 26 hours without sleep. The flight over has been christened as the flight of the screaming babies…. Enough said. Exchanged some cash at the airport and caught the shuttle to the hotel where Carol had already checked in. had a short rest and then we caught the train into Amsterdam where we had dinner with Carol’s family. There wasn’t a lot of time to take photos but got a few. Hope to get more of the canals etc on our way back through. Lovely city, still cleaning up from the New Year’s Eve party of the night before.

I had forgotten how many people still smoke here – cigarettes and pot. 100’s of bicycles on the roads. The train system was an interesting experience which was resolved after getting ticket machines to work and figuring out we were on the wrong platform. Another story for another time :-)

We head to the airport tomorrow morning for our 10 am flight to Kigali.

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