Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

After a lovely sleep in we were driven to the airport in Buenos Aires for our onward flight to Ushuaia. Our guide very kindly drove us through some upscale residential areas on the way to the airport. you can live very nicely in Buenos Aires if you have lots of money. The airport is located right alongside the river that runs from Iguaza Falls – it is dark brown and pretty awful looking.

Th airport was incredibly crowded and we just got checked in in time – our first inclination of trouble was when we went to the gate listed on our boarding pass and nothing happening, nada. A quick check of the departure board showed our flight delayed until 4:45 am the next day. Turned out both the board and our our boarding pass were wrong – we found the correct gate and the flight left only about 1/2 hr late. As we were sitting onboard we were informed that the plane was refuelling so no one was to smoke, all electronic devises were to be turned off, the doors were left open and we were not to put our seat belts on in case a hasty exit was required. Just after that -both of us feeling full of confidence by this point 🙂 – the old bucket of bolts waddled down the runway and was airborne. The landing gear badly needs some WD40 on it’s next scheduled maintenance.

Ushuaia – we made it!!!! A small Port city of 70,000 people – cold raw, clean  air – just like home 🙂 We both fell in love with it the minute we landed. We needed to take a cab to town and flagged one down that was driven by Atilla the hunlet. The old adage get an agreement before you step into a cab served us well here. First of all she told us her meter was broken and it was $35 USD to town and then she tried to force us into the cab- don’t think so – we got a translator, Carol refused to get into the cab until the price was clear -all of a sudden presto – her meter worked – $8 to get to our hotel.

I took some photos on the way in to town – we hope to walk around town tomorrow and them Monday we head to Tierra del Fuego National Park.