Chitwan National Park

The cool morning air quickly became humid and hot as we pushed off the riverbank in our dugouts and proceeded down river for our first game drive of the day.

Egrets, Kingfishers, Storks and numerous other birds entertained us as we were poled down to our disembarkation point for a short riparian jungle walk to our waiting transport. On the way we discovered several species of fungi which provided some good photo ops.

Following a mid day break to beat the heat, we set off again in jeeps for our jungle tour of Chitwan National Park. The first part of the trip was quiet as denizens of the bush were still deep in the jungle awaiting the dropping temperatures as the afternoon came to a close. Soon after we were rewarded by sightings of spotted and Sambar deer as well as some monkeys – langurs and rhesus macaques. Despite numerous signs (fresh dung piles and foot prints) the one horned Rhino present in the park still eluded us until!!! – at the very end of the jeep journey there they were a mother and adult baby one horned Rhino! What a privilege to photograph and spend time with these giants!

Leaving the park we made our way to a sunset viewing area by the river, complete with appetizer buffet, to enjoy the amazing sunset which did not disappoint. What a lovely perk by Intrepid!

On our trip home we made a quick stop at the village of the Tharu again to pick up some textiles from their shop before making our way home. Tonight was a special night – a surprise birthday party for one of our tour group members! What a wonderful day! 

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