Chitwan to KATHMANDU

Our flight from Chitwan to Kathmandu went smoothly. Upon arrival we were met by total chaos in the domestic baggage claim area. A carousel of 100 ft with access on one side greeted us as 5 buses carrying passengers from 5 incoming flights all disgorged passengers at the door within a 10 minute time period. Several hundred people crowded into the tiny space trying to access their luggage. During the time that luggage was collected, several types of behaviour emerged.

  1. The Faker – exclaims loudly they see their bag, pushes through to the carousel, briefly examines the bag and rejects it but stays put by the carousel having achieved their objective.
  2. The Hurler – picks up a bag that turns out not to be theirs and throws it back on the carousel. An excellent argument for hard sided luggage.
  3. The Faker/Hurler – descriptions above
  4. The Family Plan – 8-10 family members stand at the carousel waiting for one suitcase.
  5. The Wiggler – fits through incredibly small gaps to achieve their objective of standing by the carousel.
  6. The Stealther – quietly tries to slide through gaps between people – can be controlled by locking arms or putting hips together.
  7. The Jabber – uses elbows or hand luggage to clear a path. Can be controlled by a return jab or hip check.

Once clear of the building we emerged into the chaos of the airport parking lot and once loaded in the transport we were away – back to the Malla Hotel for one night.

The afternoon was spent shopping. Mary and I got some lovely brass soup bowls that we had admired at the hotel in Pokhara,

other members of the group found some gorgeous cashmere woven in Nepal and other bits and pieces. It is the start of the Festival of Dashain which celebrates the victory of good over evil and is a major Hindu religious festival : one of the major festivals of Nepal. It is celebrated all over the country lasting two weeks beginning Oct 15th.  The streets were packed and the mood festive despite the rebuilding going on all around us from earthquake damage. People were everywhere buying suits, cooking supplies, food and other necessities. Motor bikes whizzed by as we made our way through narrow avenues.

Our day closed with a farewell dinner at an excellent local restaurant. 5 of us go on to Bhutan tomorrow – we said fond good byes to the other 6 members of the group. Until tomorrow – Good Night!

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