Clinton to Redstone

Clinton originated as 47 mile house on the Gold Rush Trail that linked the lower mainland to Barkerville. As with many Canadian monikers – Clinton was renamed after an absent Duke who was a British civil servant  for a time and the name stuck. The town was first settled in the mid 1800’s during the gold rush and became an important junction in the two roads leading from the south. Ranching became the main industry following the gold rush, followed by forestry and more recently tourism. The location of the town is a perfect jumping off point for winter and summer activities.  Our stroll along main street in the morning light provided us with some lovely photo ops.

Leaving Clinton we headed north along Hwy 99 towards Williams Lake. The drive went smoothly through a landscape of incredible fall colours.

Turning west at Williams Lake took us onto Hwy 20 heading towards the coast and into the area of the Hanceville-Riske Lake wildfire which decimated the area in 2017. The devastation that still remains is sobering. The photo can’t really capture the enormity of what happened here.

Our journey towards the coast included an overnight reservation at the KiNikiNik Lodge and restaurant at Redstone. Things started to get interesting at this point. We pulled into the lodge area to see a big closed sign. OK – I walked around and found a couple of guys – turned out they were blowing out the irrigation and knew nothing. One of them suggested I go see Jess at the ranch. Ok – where is the ranch – a query answered with a vague flip of the hand towards some hills. We drove around to the back which houses a butcher shop, found a man who barely spoke english who told us to drive around back of the restaurant and find a white car – apparently someone who could help us was there. We found the white car but no people. Pat leaned on the horn and a girl appeared who knew nothing and had locked herself out of the restaurant. Hey – it gets better…..

Jess finally arrived,  restaurant is closed on Mondays – has been for two weeks, something she neglected to tell us. But she can give us cold food and we can cook it…..  Plus breakfast is a cold waffle that we can heat up.  Well yeah 🙄 Meanwhile I drink a glass or two of wine – it has been a long long day …. As I am sitting out in front of my cabin a hissy and scratchy sound comes from a bush right behind me – thinking snake I end up on the other side of the table – turns out it was a sprinkler head being blown out by the compressor on the other side of the bush. Now things are getting funny 😆 

We are out of here in the morning – should be at Tweedsmuir Lodge by noon and the planned adventure begins!!!

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