Galapagos – Day 3

An amazing day!

The next morning we were woken up at dawn for our disembarkation to visit a sea turtle nesting area on Isla Bartolemew, site of the famous Pinnacle Rock, a international known landmark of the Galapagos. The stunning dawn sky lit our way as we walked along the sandy beaches know for turtle nesting areas. Although the turtles proved elusive we did see trails left by a female that night leaving her newly constructed nest full of eggs. 

Following breakfast on the boat, a quick ride landed us back on Isla Bartolemew and facing a hike up a very long board walk (114 meters and hundreds of steps)  to the most famous view in the Galapagos. An amazing hike up through a dry land vegetation ecosystem with ever changing views as we climbed. And we weren’t done yet!

Following the obligatory group photo with Pinnacle rock in the background, we embarked on a fantastic trek across  the 100 year old Santiago lava fields at Sullivan Bay. The comparison between the new lava fields and the old is fascinating as we were given a glimpse into ecosystem succession and how the island flora and fauna have slowly colonized the newly created land. 

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