Galapagos – Day 5

The morning of Day 5 found us at San Cristobal Islands Kicker Rock, the remains of an old volcano that was a stunning sight in the early morning light. 100’s of Nazca and blue footed boobies, frigate birds and sea turtles populate the rock and around it. This is one of the premier dive sites in the Galapagos and we are looking forward to our snorkelling this morning.

What an experience! Swimming with seals, sea turtles and diving blue footed boobies was amazing. A hammerhead shark made an appearance at some point – my first indication it was around was when a fellow snorkeler swam by me with the afterburners on, popped up on the surface and yelled for a tender. And there he was – not the tender, the shark – cruising along leisurely looking for food. We were not on the menu that day thankfully 

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