Galapagos – Day 6

There’s that anchor again…..

Day 6 began at Espanola Island (the most southern of the Islands) with a landing at Gardner Bay. Sea Lions, hood mocking birds, yellow warblers, cactus and ground finches, diving blue footed boobies, lava lizards, hermit crabs were everywhere. This is a lovely island with sandy beaches and an incredible amount of wildlife.

The afternoon of Day 6 was my favourite time of the trip. After a wet landing at Punta Suarez on the western end of the island, we walked to the other side of the island to spectacular cliffs with amazing bird life. Courtship rituals of waved albatross couples and blue footed boobies surrounded us. Nazca boobies tended and fed chicks, Galapagos hawks, red billed tropic birds, gulls, marine iguanas were everywhere.

This a major stop for all tourist ships and a couple of huge ones (200 people) had anchored just as we got there. An advantage to being on a small boat is that you can disembark quickly. We got going fast and Fabian took us on the reverse route of what was usually followed by tours. The result was we had the island to ourselves for the majority of our walk and just encountered the seething mass of humanity from the other boats as we finished. Questions overheard from the big group as we prepared to head back to our boat including : 1) where is the gift shop 2) where are the toilets etc etc, reinforced the skill of our guide and the positives of traveling in small well traveled group of people.

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