In Transit to Costa Rica

My first impression of this trip has been a reaffirmation of my belief in the kindness inherent in people. Beginning with the assistance dealing with a check in kiosk ( a machine which I always approach with extreme distrust since one ate my passport years ago ) in Victoria to the above and beyond customer service that we received from Avianca air in Toronto. Our search for a hotel voucher once we landed in Toronto led to a closed Avianca counter with a last ticket agent walking down the terminal. She took us under her wing so to speak and within an hour we had vouchers for two nice rooms at a nearby hotel together with generous breakfast and dinner vouchers. We had a lovely restful evening, a good sleep and headed back to the airport this morning for our San Jose flight. Our saviour from the day before was there and we gave her a rose as a thank you.

Approaching this trip in stages has been a much more positive experience than the gruelling non-stop 30 hour marathons of the past. We arrive in San Jose this evening and plan a visit to the central market tomorrow , plus photo ops in the historical part of the city and some local cuisine 😀

Hope to see this guy on our travels!!!