Lake Manyara and Arusha to Zanzibar

A pre-dawn start got us to Lake Manyara in the early hours for a game drive. As the only vehicle in the park we had some excellent viewing before the dust and noise started to drive animals in the bush. Baboons, elephants and blue monkeys ( the photo makes it obvious why they have this name) were all over the road. Hornbills were feeding babies and catching dung beetles. The difference between elephant and baboon maternal behaviour is interesting. Elephant newborns are surrounded by older cows and never leave their mother. New born baboons are basically on their own. Once they are born the pack comes over to check them out. They are rolled over, jumped on and sniffed over while mom checks herself over for bugs

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The park is quite heavily wooded and very peaceful. Unfortunately there as only time for a brief visit before heading for Arusha airport to catch our flight to Zanzibar. We have been greeted by the African equivalent of Roseanne Barr – checked in and are in the bar waiting for our flight.