Lake Victoria to the Serengeti

Our destination for the night after our visit to Lake Victoria was a bush camp in the Serengeti. Things got interesting at that point.

Our reservation ended up being lost, we got lost and we ended up driving around the Serengeti until about 11 pm looking for a camp that would take us. During our journey hippos, a pride of lions, a porcupine and bat foxes crossed the road ahead of us. After several hours in the middle of the night of being lost on the Serengeti looking for a place to stay, one of our fellow travellers had to answer the call of nature. Just as he finished on one side of the truck, a lion came up on the other to investigate the intruder marking in his territory. All ended well……

The night sky was incredible.

Finally at 11:30 pm we found a camp that had room and actually opened up the kitchen to serve us dinner at midnight. Wonderful people here – I would like to come back to this camp. It is completely off the grid, in a beautiful location up on a ridge that catches the breeze all day. We got to bed at around 1:30 am – with a wake up call for 4:30 am and a balloon safari.

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