Mexico City

After an excellent sleep we headed up to the hotel roof top restaurant for breakfast overlooking the central square. My omelet and fresh fruit was excellent, Mary had more of a traditional Mexican breakfast, also excellent. The service was perfect , the temperature in the mid 70’s and life is good. 

Following breakfast we met up with our guide, veteran freelance and street photographer Keith Dannemiller   ( and mapped out this mornings activities of street photography. We had a wonderful morning – wandering the streets of Mexico City, photographing markets, street markets, families, shop owners, murals and some other things I am still working out 🙂 We got into areas that aren’t tarnished yet by tourism. People just going about and enjoying the process of living. Interestingly enough, as we got closer to the central square and the hotel the vibe changed. 

We took hundreds of photos. After a quick edit here are some of our favorites.

Piñata forms waiting to be covered. The bicycle in a tree is a memorial to a cyclist who died.

A drive through Friday afternoon Mexico City traffic to the airport kept us awake 😳 and we are now in the Premium Plaza airport lounge enjoying empanadas and some very nice white wine. Our flight to Oaxaca departs at 6:30. Tomorrow is a quiet day culminating with a city walk with an Oaxacan based photographer in the late afternoon. The down time will be welcome after the last couple of days.

A late addition – so it finally happened. Three lanes of taxis and mini vans collapsing into one on approach to an intersection in Oaxaca ended in a grind of metal and slamming of brakes. All stopped for the in-transit entertainment provided by our driver and another taxi driver arguing and gesticulating outside the vehicles. Everyone is fine, our transit van not so much. The trip into Oaxaca took longer than our flight to Mexico City but we finally made it !!! We are in a nice hotel at the bottom of the Zocalo. More photos tomorrow. Will leave you with some photos of the hotel courtyard lit up for the evening. Buenos noches.