The complex history of Mexico, ranging from its beginnings as one of the six cradles of civilization in 8000 BC through to the modern day, is one of intertwined wars, revolutions, invasions and conquests. The resulting rise and fall of numerous civilizations (probably the most famous being the destruction of the Aztec Empire by the Spaniards led by Cortez in 1517-1521) has led to a culture unique to Central America. Textiles, art and food are like no where else in the world. Ecosystems range from high desert to lush jungle and everything in between. The rise of mass tourism in the last few decades has turned a small portion of the coastal areas into the all inclusive resort enclaves, populated by the majority of northern tourists who come the country for a winter break. It is away from these resorts that the true vibe and magic of the country can be felt. 

My sister and I leave tomorrow for our first destination, Mexico City, where we will spend a day in the historical district of the city working with a local photographer on our street photography. Following that we fly to a small city in the SW corner of Mexico that both of us have visited before and look forward to experiencing again – Oaxaca. Plans include workshops in street photography, cooking, weaving, as well as some high level retail activity in some of the stores that specialize in the famous red pottery (barro rojo) produced in the area. Time will also be spent relaxing in the warm desert air. 

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We look forward to sharing the journey with you.