Oaxaca Day 2

A lazy Sunday with no scheduled activities meant we could take our time and see where the day led us. A later breakfast and we headed over to the Cathedral of Santo Domingo.

On the way we passed a familiar artists display area where Mary spied a linocut of Sampson, her cat now in her possession.

Heading up the hill we went past the graphic art museum and the previous nights parade area and turned into a plaza that Juan Pablo had pointed out the night before.

At this point the day was clearly turning into photography of whatever caught our eye on the street and slowly evolved into interesting pedestrian footwear.

We made our way down the Acala towards the Zocalo in search of some lunch (which was excellent).

You can tell already this is turning into be a very not-so-serious day.  After lunch we decided that a swim and a siesta with a book was in order and headed back to the hotel to indulge in all of the above. A full day coming tomorrow on an adventure to a women’s weaving cooperative and a good night sleep is ahead of us. Buenas noches. 

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