Puerto Vieja de Talamanca Day 2

Today started with an incredible hike through the Parque Nacional Cahuita. This park runs along the ocean north of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and is stunning. We had an excellent guide who really made the trip for us. Our first sloths made their appearance as did some spiders the size of sanitation trucks, the Jesus Christ lizard and the duck billed heron – who knew…..

Lots more birds appeared for a wonderful introduction to Costa Rica Birdlife. To our surprise a raccoon ambled by in the last part of our walk, just before we were pelted with almonds by a group of white faced capuchins. One of our group narrowly escaped being peed on by the alpha male (about 40 feet above her in a tree) this is apparently the ultimate insult 😀

Our day finished with a visit to a wildlife sanctuary that was started by two Spanish zoologists about a decade ago. Wildlife is rehabilitated here and released into a 50 hectare primary forest that is owned by the couple. The centre is staffed by volunteers and we had a wonderful time there. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Tonight is sushi and we leave for Tortuguero to at first light tomorrow – should be a gorgeous drive .

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