Puerto Vieja de Talamanca to Tortuguero

An early start today took us north along the coast. we stopped about 2 hours out for breakfast at the equivalent of an off the grid roadside cafe. The food was cooked over an open fire and smoke drifted through the tables as we had a meal of boiled campfire coffee, excellent scrambled eggs, beans and rice and blackberry juice. Shortly after we were back on the road again through farmland – interesting living fences. Aspens or something similar planted in straight lines and barbed wire attached. Trees are coppiced as they grow and when they get big enough they are cut down and new ones planted. Bought some fruit at a super market -the  fruit here is incredible. A particular one looked like pollywog goo inside but the taste was pure wow!!

The bumpy road ended in La Pavona on the Suerte River- the heat was like an oven – our transfer to the river boat was a relief – the only way into Tortuguero – the turtle nesting beaches- is by air or by boat. Our trip down the channels to Tortuguero was a cool breezy run. The river is extremely low this year due to no rain and the engine cooling intake filled with sand at one point necessitating a stop to clear the pipes. Our guide told us that if the river level kept falling the boats into Tortuguero would have to take a different route. The wild life was sparse but some was out and about.

We are now in a lovely lodge on the other side of the channel from the town of Tortegureo. had a quick tour of the town today – basically a strip mall with coconut vendors – , walked the black sand turtle nesting beaches and spent some time taking pictures.

The turtles are not nesting right now but we got an excellent overview of the area, did some world class people watching and are headed back to the lodge to have dinner (shared mine with one of the lodge dogs) and watch the Super Bowl. Seems a bit surrealistic to watch the Super Bowl in Tortoguero Costa Rica on the deck of a river lodge but Pura Vida 😀 PS GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!

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