Punta Arenas and Santiago

Following our disembarkation from the boat at Frei Station we walked up to the small airfield for our flight to Chili and Punta Arenas.

The reason for the severe weight restriction on luggage quickly became crystal clear when we saw the size of the plane and looked at the length of the runway. If you ever fly out of Frei Station the runway is a very limited one, ending abruptly in a several hundred foot drop into the ocean. You either fly or don’t …. Our old bucket of bolts made it off the runway and after an hour or so we landed in Punta Arenas, Chili- still in our cold weather jackets and boots. I put mine in a donation box at Punta Arenas airport as together they weighed about 20 lbs. After a bit of a mess at customs – it was closed and our company had neglected to tell anyone we were flying in – we eventually got through and headed to our hotel. The next flight was to Santiago where we had a two day layover planned before heading home.

Santiago is a lovely cosmopolitan city ( if you stay in the right parts) apparently the recipient of several hundred small earthquakes a day. The juxtaposition of the old and the modern made for some interesting contrasts and photo ops. We had an excellent guide for our city tour of Santiago (exploring streets and neighbourhoods in the early morning as well as the afternoon) and enjoyed some outstanding ceviche. Our time in Santiago wrapped up with a day at the world famous Concha Y Toro winery outside the city. The reds were superb and the site absolutely beautiful.

A lovely way to finish an outstanding trip. Until next time……

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