Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park

Quepos is home to one of the loveliest National Parks I have been. We took a local bus before 7 this morning and had a 20 minute trip through strip mall and resort central to a few blocks from the park entrance . We were in the park by 7:15 am. The morning animals were out and about as we followed the trails down to the ocean. There are half a dozen ecosystems in the park, ranging from dry land to marine.

After hiking for about 3 hours the intense heat drove us to the ocean for a swim. Highlights of the day included being 10 feet from a sleeping sloth at the top of a forest canopy platform, and watching capuchin monkeys playing. The local iguana populations were putting on their territorial displays which made for some interesting viewing.


After some fresh coconut water straight from the nut we caught a cab back to the hotel to wait out the intense heat of the afternoon .


We leave for San Jose tomorrow and fly home at zero dark thirty on Friday am. Thanks for following me on this journey. Costa Rica has been different from what I expected. It is one country that I wished I could have visited 30 years ago before it became the expensive, very crowded (in places) tourist destination it is today. Many thanks to Carol for this stunning sunset photo taken on our final evening in Quepos.