Quito and Otavalo

We spent 2 days in and around Quito before flying to Cocoa to start our trip down the Rio Napo to our jungle lodge. The first day we spent on a city and market tour, the second we hired a car and driver and travelled across the equator to Otavalo to visit the market. After an intial misguided navigational attempt to find our guide we made it and set out. The market and city provided us with some interesting photo ops and gave us a chance to look around about after the whirlwind of the last week.

The drive to Otavalo was highlighted by gorgeous scenery. The driving style not so much. Everyone here drives with one hand on the horn and one (sometimes) on the steering wheel, with about 6 inches separating cars. Combine this with traveling at 80 MPH down hill – leads to some interesting situations. Luckily no one was killed, but the marks from my fingernails in the back of the seat in front of me are most probably permanent. Once we arrived at the market it was immense – some interesting textiles – but I got the feeling you had to get out into some of the villages to see the really nice weaving. We went through a lot of stalls before finding something that wasn’t made in China, followed by a herd of adolescent males who kept taking pictures of our hair. A new experience in any case……

On to the Amazon!

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