Serengeti Day 1 -early morning hot air balloon drive and afternoon game drive

Unbelievable. As with the gorillas we will let the photos tell the story. The trip was followed by an english style sit down breakfast on the Serengeti plain served by white gloved waiters. Straight out of the early 1900’s.

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It struck me today during our afternoon game drive of how perceptions of societies different from our own are often so wrong. While visiting a tribe that lived on the shores of Lake Victoria the woman who was our guide to the village told us that in North America money grows on trees and all we do is pick it – therefore we should give as much as possible to Africans. She was serious in her perception of North American lifestyle. Our perceptions of tribal life and societies different from our own are also often incorrect. What many people see as squalor and lack of order is actually a fully functional,complex society.

Elephants are gathering for their migration – today was elephant day as we spent time with two large families. Another complex society with strong relationships among herd members and cooperative behaviour.  Herd members included a newborn calf and many youngsters. A magical afternoon ended with a drive back to camp watching a glorious sunset.  We leave for Ngorongoro crater tomorrow morning.

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