Serengeti to Ngorongoro

The morning game drive to the park boundary completed our traverse of the park from west to east. Our goodbye from the park was delivered by a pride of lions right by the road – the pride had been joined by a couple of beautiful black maned males.

image image image image image image

After leaving the south eastern Serengeti we started to see the January/February migration south of the Serengeti – 1000’s of wildebeest and zebra plus impala and buffalo were moving, sometimes stopping traffic for an hour as they crossed the road. An important part of the day for me was stopping at Olduvai Gorge. Standing where 3.6 million years of hominids have lived, walked, and raised their families was a humbling experience. The museum on site was full of fossils and stone tools along with a photo history of the Leakey’s and their time excavating the Gorge. A highlight was a an exhibit featuring a cast of the Laetoli footprints discovered in 1994.

image image image image   image

Drove to rim of Ngorongoro crater – gorgeous – then on to Ngornogoro farmhouse for two nights – beautiful place.


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