Southern Namibia to Capetown

It began in a roundabout way. Our first revolving door at a bank in the town of springbok refused to open until we figured out that it works backwards to North American doors. Gave the locals a good laugh anyways. Down the road, using a private pay toilet became an adventure when the metal revolving gate shut behind me on the way out and I was stuck.

The ecology slowly changed from dry desert to mountains to the first vineyards around Clanwillian. It became lusher and lusher as we travelled further south. The SA vineyards and fruit growing areas are immense.

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The last stop before reaching Capetown was a wonderful historical and educational site about the San Bushmen. We had an excellent tour by a San tribe member which included a San language lesson, a detailed tour of the art garden and an introduction to the ethnobotany of the San. We finished up in a San village watching music and fire making demonstrations and learning more about the culture and day to day life.

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On the road again, Table Mountain and Capetown appeared in the distance. What a gorgeous setting. We have a day to explore tomorrow before catching our flight to Amsterdam at 11 pm.

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