Tortuguero to Saraqipui Valley

A couple of things became apparent today – first of all when it rains here it RAINS, and secondly a sense of humour is an absolute requirement for travelling in this country. Our day started early after listening to the rain and wind pound the resort all night. In the morning the 2 foot drainage ditches around the hotel and boardwalks were full and water was everywhere. Our trip back out the canals from Tortuguero was spent keeping an eye on the 150 Evinrude powering the boat as it regularly hit bottom and kicked up with a spray of sand, water and fumes. They must go through a lot of propellers here. The boats go around the various curves of the river almost on their sides – between the swaying and the fumes funnelling into the boat every time the motor kicked up, several people got sick. Arrival at the offloading station presented another problem as the heavy rains had turned the walk way up to the flatter area into a skating rink – – up we slid carrying and dragging our bags to under cover by the restaurant. It is still raining so hard it is difficult to see.

Our transport arrived and off we went only to be caught in a gigantic traffic jam resulting from a bad accident a few miles up the road. We finally reached our restaurant stop and broke for lunch plus a stampede to the washrooms. The restaurant was open air – with a roof, food cooked over a wood fire. A change in tables was necessitated by the aroma wafting over us from the bathrooms. Did I mention it was still raining???

the food was excellent – one of the best meals I have had in Costa Rica. Home made cheese, guacamole, chickens, tortillas πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Back in the vehicle we got and off we went. The traffic had cleared and we made good time to La Virgin where we met our next form of transport, a Massey Ferguson tractor pulling a hay cart. Once all supplies for the lodge, staff and all of us with our bags etc was loaded off we went to be brought to a standstill by a car stalled in the middle of a one lane bridge. A couple of the guys pushed it out of the way and off we went again at tractor pace bumping along with most of the group popping gravol pills at a steady rate – beer also made an appearance at some point.

Now it gets a little weird……. 15 minutes into the trip and after crossing ariver, a tire blew on the tractor trailer. Everyone got out so the guys could fix it. Did I mention that it is still raining??? hard…. The tire blew just opposite a small farm and our CEO asked if we could shelter in an outbuilding on the farm. It turned out to be a chicken shed with a very sharp machete on the side bench and some interesting looking stains on the bench beside it. Some of us began to hear faint bango music ……….

So – tire fixed, back on the road again, pitch black by now. Anne stupidly says – so what is going to happen next? …………….. Remember all the rain??? The road is a muddy quagmire and on the last steep hill it became evident that we were skidding backwards and headed into a jackknife situation. All stops and we get out of the trailer. Our group trudges up the hill with the tractor following us and then someone spots a frog on the road – everyone surrounds the poor amphibian, flashbulbs going off, one of the group moved the frog so it wouldn’t get squashed by the tractor and then we got in the trailer again. and yes it is still raining…..

And we arrivedπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ The Magsasay Jungle lodge was initially a vacation and weekend home for the family who now run the property as a lodge. It is 30 feet from the Rio Peje river. Dinner was excellent and we have rooms right by the river. It has also stopped rainingπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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