The eastern shore of Zanzibar is populated by luxury resorts. Our drive to our resort took us through residential areas and small centres on the island. A good proportion of the island residents are muslim. The heat and humidity are stifling. How the women in full black burkahs manage I have no idea. They probably look at us with equal incomprehension.

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The resort is nice but not my idea of Africa. Many Italians and Germans come here for an all inclusive 2 week package – similar to canadians going to Mexico. It was OK to be here for a couple of nights but was glad to move to a wonderful 120 year old hotel on the beach in the middle of old Stone town for our final day. The architecture was a mixture of Middle east and Africa.

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Carol and I hired a car and driver and took a day to explore Stone town markets and streets, as well as the old slave market. Our afternoon was spent in the spice plantations trying to figure out what spice came from what plant.

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On to Johannesburg tomorrow.