Johannesburg airport is something out of the Twilight Zone – the worst airport signage in the world, no organization, people crashing lines – total chaos. We got there early on Carol’s advice and am sure glad we did. If I ever go through that airport again I will get my boarding pass at my previous check in and check my bags right through to their final destination.

After check in and security we de-stressed with some excellent coffee and shopping :-) We left the grey skies and rain behind and our flight to Zimbabwe went smoothly. Immigration on the other hand was staffed by two female relatives of Atilla the Hun. One of them tried to give Carol some trouble. Carol had her sliced, diced and on the barbecue before she knew what was happening. I highly recommend Carol’s border crossing services to anyone planning an African trip :-)

We are now at the Victoria Falls Safari lodge in a lovely room overlooking a water hole in Zambezi National Park. Veranda doors need to be tightly closed or baboons and monkeys will come in the rooms and steal your stuff. We are headed off to the Boma restaurant for an authentic Zimbabwe dinner and entertainment. The dinner was excellent. South African ranchers farm eland, warthog, and buffalo so we got to try all three. The warthog and buffalo were really tasty. We all got drumming lessons as well and the evening finished with a community dance. When getting ready to go to bed Carol discovered a big green bug in her bed – a wack with a shoe and a squirt of raid dealt with the bug and we had a good sleep.

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